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Have you got a web site ? why not join our affiliate program and start earning money. Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn money when you refer customers to our site. For each confirmed referral purchase, you earn 5% of the order! Here's how it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join our affiliate program?

As a Gizmo-guru affiliate you'll earn commission (5%) on every sale you generate through your referrals.

How does the affiliate program work?

We will provide a variety of banners for you to Cut & Paste onto your site. You choose which ones to use, and where on your site to put them. When visitors come to your site and they click on one of the banners, they end up at If they buy something from us, then you'll get 5% of whatever they've spent!

What does it cost to join?

Nothing. It's free to join the Gizmo-guru Affiliate Program, and you can cancel at any time.

What sort of web sites qualify?

The web site where you want to place links must be approved by us before any money will be paid for new sales. Your site will be reviewed as part of the application process. We reserve the right to refuse membership to a site at any time if we deem it objectionable or if it links to objectionable material. You will be notified of our decision to accept or reject your application within 36 to 72 hours.

My web site is based outside the UK. Can I be an affiliate?

No. At this time we are only accepting affiliates based in the UK.

Will you promote my site?

No. The idea is you promote our site, however we are always interested in reciprocal link swaps and paid advertising so please do contact us with any proposals you may have.

How do I create links to Gizmo-guru?

Once your site has been approved, Just copy one of the banners from the bottom of this page to your site or if you prefer you can use one of your banners. Adding the link is a straightforward case of "Copy & Paste" the code next to it, but if you need any help just ask You can add as many or as few as you like to your site.. Remember to modify all the banners and buttons by putting your affiliate id XXXXX within the link, otherwise your sales will not be logged.


Can I make my own Gizmo-Guru banners ?

Yes, But please let us know where it is online so we can approve it. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any banner we feel inappropriate for any reason.

What are my responsibilities as an affiliate?

You're responsible for using the Members Area to choose links and place them on your site. We don't expect anything else of you (ie: no sales "targets" etc). We value you as an affiliate regardless of whether your referring 1 customer a month or 1000 customers a month.

What are Gizmo-Guru responsibilities?

Gizmo-Guru will provide you with the tools and support you need to establish yourself as an affiliate. We also handle orders, delivery, billing, customer care, and sales reporting. We'll also make sure you get your commission payments.

How are orders tracked and credited to my web site?

All links from your web site to Gizmo-Guru contain your unique source ID. Every time a customer comes to Gizmo-guru via your site and makes a purchase, we'll know to credit your site. The sales are tracked for us by an in dependant third party (mTracker at

How much will I be paid?

You'll receive a commission of 5% of final sales - a "final" sale is one where an order has been placed and payment has been received. If someone comes to our site via yours and doesn't purchase anything on that visit, you'll still get the commission if they come back and buy an item within 30 days.

When and how will I be paid?

We pay affiliates monthly, unless the amount owed is less than £20, in which case the amount owed is carried over until the amount exceeds £20. Payment will be made electronically into any UK bank account or via Paypal.

Can I view my stats whenever I want?

Yes. You can log into your account and view your stats as often as you would like. NOTE: Some of your referrals may not be posted immediately. Please allow 24 hours for an accurate total.

What if a customer cancels/returns an item?

If a customer cancels or returns an item, that means a loss of sale, then the commission you have been paid will be removed from your account.


Affiliate Banners

1. Copy one of the banners below or make your own

2. Add the following link to the image

3. Replace XXXXX with your affiliate id


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